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My Personal Projects

This website is all about my personal projects. I have learned a lot in the few years I have been interested in visual effects and 3D design, modeling & animation.

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I have a huge collection of projects that I have worked on over the years, you can see them here. I work with Autodesk Maya, Adobe After Effects, Element 3D & Photoshop. Have a look and see what you think.


I have a wide range of interests when it comes to 3D & animation. Sometimes I build from scratch, sometimes I use pre-built 3D models both free & paid.

WWII Panzer Panther Tank

One of my first ever solo projects

I built this 3D model from scratch. All in all this project took me 6 weeks in total, I built every aspect of this tank from the tracks all the way down to the nuts & bolts. I am going to return to this project soon to finish it off. Hopefully one I can it rigged and make it move

The Ruins

Pre-made 3D Model

Different Images from a project

This model was built by someone else. My part in this project was trying a few different effects in Autodesk Maya. The 3D model is an obj / fbx format. I chose to use Autodesk Maya for this project as I was interested in using the physical sun & sky in the mental ray plugin.

Also the effects I used in this project was trying out the fog features in Autodesk Maya. I used some tutorials from Youtube to help me out with the effect and settings. I do plan on revisiting this project soon, I am also interested in animating the fog effect and a camera possibly in After Effects.

Porsche 911

This project is all about the lighting and shadows I made this in Autodesk Maya. I also wanted to try out the reflections in the car paint and windows.  I built up a photographer’s studio for the background of this project in Autodesk Maya. I built a 3 point lighting system overhead to cast a studio light.

Predator Drone

This image of the drone was made in Autodesk Maya where I used the physical sun and sky settings in Mental Ray for Maya, I also added shadows and a 360 sky image in the background

My Animations

These projects were made up using a combination of 3D models, images and video, everything in this set of videos is digitally made and not real. My main focus is photo-realism in my projects.

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More Places


3D Animation

Owen Forsyth City Logo

I built the entire city from 3D models from a model pack.

Using Element 3D and Adobe After Effects I added my name into the project and building the city around it, animating the camers from different angles

The Rooftop Scene

This project was made up from Video CoPilots rooftop tutorial, using the model pack provided from them. I added the drop ship model and then built up the shooting sequence using various elements.

Post Apocalyptic Dublin Series

Post Apocalyptic Dublin is the latest and my favourite project.

I got some images from my home city of Dublin, Ireland, some famous landmarks from around the capital.

I have watched films where L.A, New York and other cities being destroyed, so I decided to try it for myself, using all the skills I have learned over the years.