Owen Forsyth

Cityscapes – Lighting – Animation


Project Details:

I built up an entire 3D city within After Effects using the Metropolitan pack from Video Copilot and Element 3D.

I made this using some of the different building layouts that came with the pack and then layering and importing different buildings from other 3D model packs.

In this project I wanted the camera to fly through the city at different angles and in different positions from within the city.

For the lighting set-up I tried to replicate the Sun using a blend of both After Effects native lights and Element 3D’s lighting system and using an image of the surrounding environment as the reflections in the windows of the buildings.

Lastly I added a text logo of my name with an image of the sky and an image of the horizon of an actual real city, to add the realism of the whole project.


This is my favourite shot in the whole animation. I like the way all the main elements are all in shot at the same time with enough space and light to see them all.

City Fly-through

Watch the short movie here. I created all of the visual effects and animation in this entire short movie.

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