Owen Forsyth

Lighting – Shadows – 3D Modelling – Texturing – Animation


Project Details

For this project,I acquired these models through the game itself, the textures came through a lot of hardwork and with the help of some super people.

The initial part of this project was all built in Autodesk Maya, where I put the bridge parts in place, which links the two sides. the first side is where the cave opening is, with the skull over the top of the entrance. The second part is the entrance to another part of the cave system which leads up some steps to a door. Unfortunately, I overused the motion blur and it ruined the shot a little


The close up shots are really to show how well the models and textures look with the lights. I wanted to show the skull, eyes and teeth of the model in the close-up shots. I also wanted to focus on some of the floating objects off the bridge.

Another Video

This is part of the same project. This is the reverse side of the bridge with the difference being its just a straight animation to the end of the bridge and also using different lighting and models

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