Owen Forsyth

Lighting – Shadows – 3D Modelling – Texturing


Project Details

I do not own this model. Revenant design and rights are property of Id Software and published under Bethesda Softworks.
Used without permission.

For this project,I acquired these models through the game itself, the textures came through a lot of hardwork and with the help of some super people.

These images were brought into Photoshop and I used an action on them to make them look dispersed and look like they were on fire.

Close Ups:

The close up shots are really to show how well the models and textures look with the lights. I wanted to show the skull, eyes and teeth of the model in the close-up shots


The main point of the project at the time was to test out how to light a scene properly and how to achieve photo-realistic results. I knew the lighting setup that I wanted to work with and just for good measure I added a glowing floor, using the demon runes from within the game.

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