Project Description

By clicking on the picture above you can view the 3D model. You can get a good look around the model, you can circle around it, look under it, get in close. This is the actual 3D model that was used in the short movie.


Visit the newly created website to accompany the short movie featuring explosions, destruction, aircraft & more. Learn more on the website.

Operation Cast Iron

Watch the short movie here. I created all of the visual effects and animation in this entire short movie. In total this project took 18 months from the initial idea through to completion and post production.

F-22 Raptor

In the short movie, I created a shot where the F-22 is flying over the desert, the scene cuts to a side view where the bomb bay doors open and a rocket is fired and the jet flies out of view. In the short movie I added a smoke trail to the rocket which moves throughout the scene in a spiral before eventually exploding.

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