Owen Forsyth

Lighting – Shadows – 3D Modelling


Project Details:

In this project, I wanted to revisit some techniques that were new to me at the time but now refined skills.

In the original project I used Autodesk Maya but in the few years in between I have learned a lot from websites like, so in the revisited project I have import everything into Adobe After Effects & Element 3D.

I created the backgrounds and city model, the tall buildings came from the free video copilot 3D model pack – future buildings


Original Project:

This is the original project. This was made in Autodesk Maya, using the physical sun & sky settings. I made this maybe 2 – 3 years ago when I had just left college. The main point of the project at the time was to test out how light a scene properly and how to use layers of texture files as colour and photo-realism.

City Fly-through

Watch the short movie here. I created all of the visual effects and animation in this entire short movie.

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