Owen Forsyth

Digital Destruction


Project Details:

In this project, I wanted to try some digital destruction and matte painting techniques.

The idea behind this project was to apply destruction techniques to landmark buildings around my home city of Dublin. I have seen so many movies where New York, L.A. London and other major cities were destroyed and the effects that went into making them. So I said I would try for myself except use my own city as the point in focus.

Dun Laoghaire:

This is my home town! I grew up in this town and wanted to apply my techniques to images from around the town. I added a tornado which is covering the main church in the town, with flooding on the streets and finally lighting hitting the building in the front.

The Forecourts:

This is Dublins Forecourts, I really just applied the same techniques to this image as I did with the image of Dun Laoghaire. This was made in Photoshop and the image is just made up of different layers which have different types of destruction on them.

O Connell Bridge:

This is Dublin’s O Connell bridge, the main bridge in Dublin that links both sides of the city.

What I did in this image was add digital destruction to all of the buildings. In some building’s I added a layer of destruction like holes in the building’s and then placed fire inside. I added a layer of black around some the windows to replicate smoke damage from fire and blacked out some windows.

I also added cracks to the bridge in the foreground.

Liberty Hall & Custom’s House:

The techniques I used in this image are similar to the ones I used in the O Connell bridge project. I mainly used Photshop for this project but did turn to After Effects to add in the destruction, fires and smoke.

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