Owen Forsyth

Lighting – Shadows – 3D Modelling – Reflections


Project Details

This is my very first 3D project ever! I made this in college in what was the first time I used Autodesk Maya, built over a few weeks, I used this project primarily as my introduction to 3D & Autodesk Maya, 3D modelling, lighting, shadows & reflections.

For this project, we were allowed to choose any subject we liked to start our learning. I chose to create this snooker table as the project contained every set of criteria that the project asked us to create. I chose the snooker table because it was simple and the results would produce spectacular results.


The balls had the reflectivity that would be simple because all they needed was a singular colour and a reflective surface which only needed a simple blinn shader in Maya with its colour. I think the result was pretty amazing. I love how the balls reflect back in each other.


The main point of the project at the time was to test out how to light a scene properly and how to achieve photo-realistic results. I knew the lighting setup that a snooker table would have so it is just lit with 2 basic overhead lights, one was slightly blue and dimmer than the main light.


I love the shadows in this image they really add to the whole combination of the modelling, lighting and reflections in the scene. The cast shadows of the balls are realistic to the shadows that would be naturally found in a real snooker table scene.

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