Owen Forsyth

Lighting – Environment – Animation


Project Details

The Planets & Space are one of my favourite topics, I am just happy that I get a chance to create something that is a special subject to me.

For this project, I wanted to make space scenes and environments with planets, asteroids, moons etc I also create the background space images with a combination of images and effects in the software. I also add lights to the scene to light different parts of the planet, the bottom and the side, so it stands out from the background. Finally I add some lens flares and another light to mimic the sun and its glow. Lastly I add the sounds to give it a space or sci-fi movie feeling.

I will be returning to this subject a lot of the next few years, I always like to come back to personal projects over time to try out old projects with new techniques I learn with every tutorial.

Close Ups:

The close up shots are really to show how well the models and textures look with the lights. I wanted to slowly pull away from the planet, starting close and slowly moving back to reveal the space in the background

Asteroid Field

In this video I create a dying planet environment with asteroids and other depris floating around it.

The planets texture is lit to give the impression of a recent explosion and the embers are glowing away . Some of the asteroids too share this same feature. The dust is really just an image with its opacity turned down really low and transparent.

Finally the scene is lit with a few lights, with one to act as the star and adding a lens flare to make it shine bright.

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