Owen Forsyth

Lighting – Shadows – 3D Modelling


Project Details:

In this project, I wanted to try some techniques that were new to me at the time which were lighting, shadows and 3D modelling with props too..

I built a warehouse around the model and added props such as barrels and boxes.

Lighting: I used a 3 point lighting system in this project, one light cast the shadows, while the other two lights just shined to fill in the background.

Shadows: I tried to get the shadows as accurate as possible, I made the shadows so that they simulated real shadows in the way that they are soft at the edges.

3D Modelling: I made the spitfire using basic shapes within Maya and further editing to make the spitfires wings, glass and body. I added the textures to the plane by using texture images that I downloaded from the internet.


Ambient Occlusion:

These images were taken just before I started the texturing process. the ambient occlusion layer is a nice way to display the images, in a kind of preview form, it also adds a shadow to preview also how everything will look.

City Fly-through

Watch the short movie here. I created all of the visual effects and animation in this entire short movie.

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